Joielle Baby Limited Edition Petite Sizes Single


Joielle’s Certificates:

– Dermatologically Tested to be Hypoallergenic by Harlan Lab.Ltd

– Approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

– Halal Certificate by JAKIM

– GMP Certificate Manufacturing Standards

– Enriched with Natural Ingredients

– Best Skin Care Awards (2019)

– Free from SLS, Paraben & Harsh Chemicals

Product Benefits:

– Great for skin rashes & irritation especially for children with sensitive skin.

– Our products are made to have soothe & calming effect, while hydrating their skins.

-Approved safe to be used by newborn baby.

– Free from these chemicals, which make them safe for children

Active Ingredient #1 : Vitamin E

✓ Hydrates skin and allows it to retain moisture, keeping it healthy over time.

✓ Helps form a protective barrier that keeps skin from environmental stressors and toxins.

✓ Helps soften the skin.

✓Soothing and can calm temporary redness. It can help alleviate irritation.

Active Ingredient #2 : Aloe Vera Extract

✓ The hydrating properties of Aloe Vera help retain the skin’s moisture.

✓ Aloe Vera has a calming effect on your baby’s skin. It keeps it hydrated and nourished. Happy and healthy skin promotes the overall wellness of your baby.

✓ The soothing and healing properties of Aloe Vera act as a shield between your baby’s skin and harmful enzymes.

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This samples have:

Limited Edition Wonder Cream 5gram

Limited Edition Baby Oil 15ml

Limited Edition Baby Top To Toe Cleanser 15ml

Limited Edition Baby Cream 30gram

Limited Edition Baby Lotion 15gram

Limited Edition Natural Rub 15gram

Limited Edition Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Baby Bath 15ml

Limited Edition Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Baby Cream 30gram

Limited Edition Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Baby Lotion 15gram

Limited Edition Baby Bath 15ml

Limited Edition Baby Shampoo 15ml

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Weight 0.2 kg
Limited Edition 15ml

Natural Rub, Baby Bath, Baby Oil, Baby Cream, Baby Lotion, Baby Shampoo, Top to Toe Cleanser, VCO Baby Bath, VCO Baby Lotion, VCO Baby Cream, Wonder Cream